Do You Mind

    How easy it is to speak your mind, or whatever you think. How can you speak your mind when you don’t know what your mind is?

In the world, we think we know what we are, and what we say and do, yet we never admit to not knowing something.

    The way of the world is something that we like to think we have some input in its creation, and mostly what we create in our world that is based on ignorance. So, does that mean we are ignorant people?

    When everything is taken into account, in the end, we are ignorant not only of what we do but more importantly of what we think and say.

    How can we speak our minds when everything we know is hearsay?

    Ask yourself what is the mind you are talking about; can you describe it? Of course not, because we have no mind as such, for we are only a bundle of memories that we revive and use for making comparisons when making a decision.

    We read about the power of thought, especially when we put our minds to something. We are loose and wordy, believing that words describe our thinking process, and we are only wordy when we do not know what we are writing about. We have been educated to compose our sentences thoughtfully, whereas we are just trained parrots.

    We learn to talk before we write, whereas children mimic others, but through schooling we begin to match shapes with sounds.

    What does it have to do with the mind and is it more than just storing memories and activities?

    It is said that the mind is a container for consciousness, and truthfully, we have no idea of what consciousness is, for unlike the brain, it has no shape or form.

    So, it is another invisible state in our world.

    Again, we say we have emotions that can be defined as what occurs by our reactions to others, and we are told they occur spontaneously and are not learned reactions, but are they?

    Children, as we have seen when learning to talk copy others such as their parents, and it is the same with emotions.

    A parent tells their children to stop doing something and they are naughty, sending them to their room. Later the child plays with their toys having them set around the child and begins to single out a plastic figure and shouts: ‘Stop doing that! Naughty Mary. You are bad and have to be punished, and waving her finger at the figure throws it out of the circle.

    Eventually copying the actions of others becomes a habit with other siblings, and at kindergarten and school that constitutes the behavior patterns that continue throughout and are considered as being emotions that stem from our psyche, where they are learned and conditioned responses.

    We continue to copy others throughout our lives not knowing that our behavior is conditioned and created, and we have no awareness of why we all share the same pain, suffering, and punishment as individuals have accepted as our reality.

    When we are told we are not our bodies, but something more, we say:

    ‘Don’t be foolish, for without a body we would not exist! And do we?

    Is our brain nothing other than a computer that has been ordered by our programming, and is not the body programmed by its illusion?

    Unless we are aware of what constitutes the world, and how we are the creator of this world by our mindless acceptance of perpetual ignorance we will never know what lies beyond this sensual world that we think is real.


  • Hi Aida
    You have left many comments on our blogs and they are always welcome. The transmissions are valuable for your deep understanding over so many years of commitment and I am sure that has changed your life and being and possibly you need to take a moment of reflection on what you were and thought at that initial time when you began your studies, and why you had to resort to using the Oracle cards?
    You are using the cards daily and have done so for over a year without significant results. If I may, I wonder why you use them every day? The reason we use the cards is not a replacement for the Transmissions.
    With a card we should use them for solving a specific problem and seek understanding for its cause and that means looking at why we are beset with it and contemplate why we accept it as a hindrance in our lives. And you. cannot receiving understanding by selecting another card the next day, but you only need a second card if following your efforts lead you to explore further. Know that that when the Transmissions are deeply studied and you do not understand what is said, don’t worry for the seeds of understanding are sown and will mature.
    Know that the earth is not a problem with our lives for it is our body’s mother. It is only the world and the ego mind that makes life difficult.

  • I can relate to what you have said Aida, it is difficult to comprehend the Transmissions and there is no hand holding…we have to go within for that!
    I find when things feel incomprehensible and I am aware of my ongoing intransigence, connect to the Earth, bring the Earth into your heart.
    Also the longer I do the Oracle the more I understand, especially the meditation at the end, I now spend moments on each thought.
    Love to you Aida,

  • Thank you, sometimes the transmissions are hard to comprehend. I do the Oracle to Freedom mediation everyday without fail for over a year now and I don’t see or feel that much change has happened to my mind.
    Living on Planet Earth isn’t easy by any means and making so many changes is even more challenging.

    Aida De'Ceglie

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