In one way or another, we are all conditioned and connected to a similar way of living that is repetitious and reassuring. However, such reassurance is limited, because most individuals are locked into the fear of death or the loss of someone who is close to them.

 It has been said that in life we should have a ‘shock’ that will jolt us out of complacency and the sleep state in which we live, where we think that this sleep state is our awakened reality.

What do I mean by a ‘shock? We cannot just instigate a shock because it just happens, and when it happens our complacency is shattered and we move into fear, then we become disconnected.

When such shocks occur they are meant for us to deeply question what we think and what constitutes our stability in life.

These shocks involve our personal sense of survival; the death of a loved one; of the diagnosis of a terminal disease; our life being threatened by another; natural disasters such as cyclones, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, wars, and displacement.

We never see them coming and when this happens there are always feelings of aloneness.

Facing us internationally are those wars that displace and disconnect millions of people. Their homes are destroyed and they flee to with limited possessions to the nearest border seeking sanctuary which is often denied them.

All countries draw lines around them on maps that create an exclusion from anyone attempting to cross this border. Obviously, there is no compassion for those that are fleeing terror which could easily impact on those rejecting others, in the future. They think by giving them tents and water this solves the problem.

What I am writing about here is the disconnection from our inner relationship and how we have allowed ourselves to be conditioned into believing that we are something we are not and that is, we are separate individuals who act, think and live independently from one another.

It is also a separation from our true nature and Self.

So, does not this shock just happen, no different from any war or disaster? Does this not show that this illusional and ignorant life has no reality?

Who then are the lost souls? Is it the complacent ones who think they are safe from what happens beyond their illusional borders, or those who are suffering and homeless?

However, possibly the worst event is extinction due to the varying change in Nature, be it global warming, droughts, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, and rising ocean levels?

All this is generating fear in the mass of humanity, and the religionists have linked all this to a prophecy in the New Testament.

In the VOLAH Transmissions, we have also read about the impact of the two Time-loops that occurred during the last 80,000 years and the downturn in civilization following the end of each Time-loop.

We are aware that the present Time-loop is nearing its end, and what is occurring now points to the beginning of this Time-loop’s end.

We have been told in the Transmissions that Earth changes do not relate to the destruction of the planet, rather to its ascension in consciousness, which also create changes to humanity, in that it will manifest in harmony with the altered Earth consciousness.

We know that this physical/chemical body, that is dependent on food and water for its consciousness, is only a projection of the true body, which is one of pure energy radiated from the Sun to the Earth.

Realizing this we should not go into fear, but seek understanding within, and then in awareness and consciousness continue to be what we are beyond all illusion.

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