Desire and Desireless

How often have you heard or read that you have to become desireless to attain that level of consciousness in Self which you so desire?

Of course that whole statement is contradictory in that to achieve the desireless state you have to totally desire what you want to reach.

Desire is the need to possess something, whether it is a person or thing, and it also involves emotional input. Where, then, does desire arise?

Desire is not a thought or feeling, although these become attached to whatever is desired. It is energy inherent in the vital force – the desire to exist – which is the inherent nature of Being.

On the level of the body/mind desire is the energy within the vital force that is directed toward a specific outcome, which is happiness. However, at the body level of consciousness, most desires are never fulfilled. Although the movement of desire outwardly focuses on attaining pleasure and happiness, its true purpose is to prepare the outer consciousness to experience its true nature, which is peace, love, joy and bliss. This can never be attained in the world of the body and senses.

Desire underlies all levels of Being, where, at the worldly sensual level, one seeks to desire pleasure through the bodily senses, which includes sexual fulfillment.

Through the mind, desires are pursued using the intellect and emotions. Without desire the human experience in consciousness would cease to manifest.

Desire is an outer expression of Being that continually strives to be; that is, becoming aware of who or what you are. It is the underlying force that impels us to understand consciousness beyond the world, the universe and Being.

All desires in the outer sensual manifestation are limited in their outcome to attaining possessions. In the world all desires are personal, that is they are aligned to the personality and have negative outcomes.

If this is so, there has to be a positive aspect because all manifestation in the world is based on the concept of duality and separation.

Obviously, like all thoughts, concepts and ideas, desire is considered as being a dual force – good or bad – depending on the needs of each individual, where one person’s desires conflict with that of another person.

Inwardly we observe that there is only desire, which is non-dual, because here desire is the pure energy of Being that seeks to create the awareness of who and what we are, which is being bliss, joy and peace, the nature of Self.

Is it possible to become desireless when desire is an underlying force of Being? Without desire we can never be.

In the manifest world we live a limited and fragmented existence in consciousness due to the constant identification of the Personal I, or ego, with the body in an attempt to exist. Such existence is impossible because a thought has no being and no desire, it only has an illusory existence.

What has led you to reach this inner state of seeking real answers to your purpose in life? Eventually you will realize that this worldly life has no purpose, but only provides the consciousness for you to become aware of Self, the eternal consciousness that has no beginning or end.

Why have you continued to seek to be after having so many disappointments, after going down wrong paths, moving from one group to another, one organization to another, and listening to different teachers, becoming more and more confused? Yet there is always that unseen force that overrides these pursuits and never dulls what you inwardly know does exist. This desire is like a flame continually burning within your consciousness, and nothing can stop its movement once it has begun in earnest.

You desire to know, to have that knowledge that transcends the limitations of the intellect that creates your world of ignorance and limitation. Soon you will become open to this inner presence; then you cease to desire, because you have become what you desired, and there burns within your heart the flame that transmutes all obstacles, fears and doubts.

How do you become open to this desire to Be? In the world the consciousness depends for its knowledge on the body and mind, and desire begins at this level, where it faces limitation, and cannot communicate with our inner presence. When you use the body/mind to desire oneness with the Light of Self, nothing happens because your mind always selects those memories that relate to what a self-proclaimed enlightened person taught about enlightenment, and
taught that their system is the only true way.

You have to enlarge your understanding and become open to what you are, not what you think you are. Understanding at the inner level of Being is true knowing; the Truth; or as Jesus said, the Good. ‘Only God is Good.’

To Understand the Truth, Jesus told us in parable form, is akin to water, because water is always in constant movement. However, Jesus gave an example of how the water for the sheep was held back by a large stone. This represents where there was no understanding because the water was motionless. Once the stone was moved the water began to flow and the sheep began to drink. The flow of the water that was damned, he described as the knowledge of the Truth at the intellect. It is all in the mind.

Finally the water becomes living at the emotional level, in that the truth is manifested in life.

How does the Truth live in your consciousness? You have to transpose the understanding of the truth into living the truth; you become the truth by externalizing what you know and understand, without thought. You become the understanding because it is your true nature where you act out of this understanding without any thought.

This is living the Truth. You have to abandon the ego, the mind and the body. There is no further need to act out of the body/mind or memories.

All desire ends when you transpose the understanding, because you have all the knowledge needed – you are the I AM.

Within Self there is no thought because thought only exists within the illusion; within Self all activity and action are spontaneous.

You have to consciously be what you are, and often initially it takes effort to recognize the illusion of the ego and body/mind. You have to understand that you are not making any changes, because changes just happen, and all you are doing is opening your inner consciousness to what is.

As the mind becomes quieter and the ego disappears, all that is left is Self, which reveals Its Self. You can do nothing except Be what you are.

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