Consciousness: A Further Understanding

In the blog – ‘Spiritual Rebirth – A Deeper Understanding’ on October 23 2023 an Emissary of VOLAH concluded...

“This deep immersion in the material world has distanced us from our true Essence, leading us to mistakenly believe we are fully self-aware when, in reality, we are sleep to our higher Self ..."

“But for those who feel an inner calling, the journey towards spiritual rebirth and realization of the Self is not a quest for something new. Rather, it’s a return journey, a rediscovery of what is known and lost. In this return, we must remain vigilant, discerning, and committed …”

That blog presents us with a strong and compelling message where we learn just how deep the illusion enfolds our consciousness, and yet we voice the word ‘consciousness’ as if it has some hidden meaning that underlies the reality of all that we are.

Have you ever considered what is the root meaning of the word consciousness, or in fact, whether it even has a root? We say we seek to know and become self-conscious as if it is just a piece of fruit ripe on a tree ready to be twisted and eaten.

Of course, that is what the old biblical story wants us to believe, that the fruit, when eaten, frees us into becoming clothed in a body, then left to suffer in a world of pain.

If we have to believe that is how we fell asleep, that fruit was some kind of opioid that lulled us into accepting a sensual existence.

And Jesus said that any return to heaven means that as the drug wears off, we will remember our true nature and being.

Wrong, for that is only ignorance because as sensual beings, everything we see, hear, smell, taste and touch in this world maintains our sleep in illusion.

Are we not aware that we are already dead ignorant of the light beyond our consciousness? Did not Jesus say: ‘Let the dead bury the dead- come follow me!’ Here that means the dead are those who are devoid of the Light and dead in the illusion.

We live in a loveless world unaware of joy and bliss, but, yet unknown to us, we have the consciousness to be that bliss.

A disciple will ask a master to give them grace not knowing that they have already received grace that led them to the master.

Yet we seek joy, happiness and bliss not knowing that you are already that. What do you think Bliss is? Do you try and feel Bliss? No, because you cannot know that already you are that and what you are now you cannot experience again.

Because you think you are a sentient being that is somehow you and is something that you know nothing about it, all that remains is ignorance.

You are unaware that you are ignorant because you try and mirror everything you think you see and hear as being something that belongs to you and earnestly you seek to add it to your spiritual understanding, whereas, we know nothing and use our futile imagination to build castles in the world.

Why do we think like that? It is because we have hidden the Truth because we have created an illusory existence around us.

Basically, it comes down to one thing and that is that our ‘mind’ gives us great power and life and the ability to think. As such, we plod along believing we know what belongs beyond this world by making that our heavenly reality.

We will only remember that nebulous truth by praying to the actual reality. We will change all when we change our minds in the sense of turning our gaze away from the world and back to the Pure Consciousness within, where all Truth and Reality are perceived. Now we are no longer many bodies but One Being, the Self’s Mind that is the ever-effulgent Light of the One Self.

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