Complexity of Understanding

One of the greatest problems facing an aspirant in the search for peace, freedom and the realization of oneness as Self is the conflicting messages that surround true understanding of ‘What Is’.

For instance, you may remember a previous discussion we had in an earlier post regarding our identification with the body and the body/mind. It is quite easy to say that we are not the body, and often that statement is basically only on the level of the intellect. However, true realization does not relate to thoughts and the intellect, nor does it relate to the feeling and emotional center.

Because of this, one generally becomes frustrated at not being able to separate their attachment with the body and the mind.

So, you come to a virtual stop in your progress and awareness. Often reason is involved when we attempt to disassociate our attachment to the body. Reason always brings us back to the memory relating to the birth of the body, suggesting that this birth constitutes our reality in consciousness. Often we have been told in these Transmissions that the Consciousness, the Self, was present before the body was born and continues to exist following the death of the body; however, we should realize that we are not the body, but the Eternal Consciousness.

Like all objects in the external manifestation, the body only manifests as a reflection in consciousness and is limited due to its manifestation in time and space.

Understanding is not a concept of the mind. It is something that flows from within Self. As such, we have to quieten the activity of the mind, and become aware of the inner perceptions, the truth of what is. In a state of openness and presence, this unchanging awareness within our Self Consciousness, which is understanding, is externalized as an intuitive knowing. What people seek as enlightenment is actually pure understanding.

We cannot wilfully quieten the mind; to attempt to do so only increases the mind’s dominance, creating a block to what we are wanting to reach. By now you will have realized that it is the process of observation of how the mind works every day that leads to a quiet mind. Such observation as this recognizes all the different I’s, the I thoughts, that constantly seek to control our mind throughout the day. Eventually, through observation, we eliminate these illusional thoughts and our mind becomes naturally quiet and we become more open to the Consciousness that we are.

Everyone functions at a different level in consciousness and their understanding is limited to that level, which is distinct from the external body/mind consciousness, which is based on the function of the five senses. Being caught up in a projected world consciousness, everyone has little contact with the inner intuitive flow of consciousness.

The personality, or personal I am, is continually seeking security through the body, because it knows that without a body identification and attachment it has no existence. Actually, even this attachment is only an illusion, so the I am is nothing, and it knows this, and it is this knowing that produces the insecurity. The I am seeks to be, by increasing its attachments to objects in the manifestation, as well as seeking relationships, all of which always end in pain and suffering.

This personal I has its root in the I AM, and understands that it is separated from its source, and this increases the tension as it strives to be, in the outer manifestation. The I thought moved into the outer body/mind consciousness to create the awareness of the Self, the I AM, to remember and be the true Self. However, it became identified with, and attached to a body, which separated it from its source. It is through these Transmissions that we learn how, through this separation, we have conditioned our mind to become allied to concepts and attitudes of the body’s sensual nature, forgetting our real being.

Recognizing the illusory nature of these concepts aligned to the multiple I thoughts, which are an extension of the prime thought, I am, we lessen the power of the personality and begin to turn our consciousness within and re-experience our natural state. This return occurs when the I am returns to its original state within I AM, like the raindrop falling into the ocean.

All bodies, whether human or otherwise, are objects manifesting in consciousness, and, being objects, move in and out of relationships. For our understanding in the world we mostly engage in relationships with other humans, because we believe we are human bodies.

Such relationships function without any deep consciousness, and have little foundation and permanence. Being driven by the I am, or personality, all relationships have a basis of mutual need, the fulfilment of insecurity, and when that ends, everyone moves on to a new relationship, and never experiences the sought after expectations or results. Everyone is always seeking happiness, which ends in displeasure and pain. This is the real illusion that everyone believes is the world, and it is based on conditioning and false concepts. Everything in this illusion is repetitive and shallow, and lacks any permanence. Humanity has no originality in that everyone copies others and lives in daily imitating so-called celebrities. It is only when one becomes aware that this life in the world is mechanical and only produces pain and suffering, that they begin to question what is, and they move away from the unreal and begin the search for the truth.

We are conditioned to believe we have a soul which exists somewhere in the body, and this concept is transferred to the presence of Self when we initially begin to question who or what we are. The truth is opposite to this. This soul concept is an extension of the personality, and the soul, personality and body all have their manifestation in Self, they have no separate existence. On a universal scale every thing is a manifestation of Being, and is a reflection of the Absolute consciousness and awareness.

Once we have the realization that this external life, our world, is a complete illusion, one of continual pain, suffering, insecurity and destruction, will we seek to find the truth beyond this illusion. In this sensual world we live in state of conflict and limitation. Each one one of our body’s senses has its own concept of what is. The sight or seeing sense creates its own understanding based on what is seen. Similarly the hearing sense creates its own world different from that of sight. The same occurs with taste, smell and feeling.

Based on the dominance of any particular sense at any particular moment, the mind becomes obsessed with the immediate sensations, and acts without any rapport to the information of the other four senses, which colors our perception of the world.

Every outcome in our world is based on expectations and outcomes. We believe we have the power to do things, that we can create the world to our liking through thought and desire within our limited environment. However, because all our expectations are based on sensual knowledge, the result is limited, so the desire for a happy and fulfilled result mostly ends in unhappiness and displeasure.

So where is the understanding?

There is none in the world, because we are continually making changes based on developing more concepts that have no reality. It is only when we see that this ‘doing’ leads nowhere, that we begin to listen, to see with our whole being. Only then do we become open to the consciousness that all manifesting objects reveal our true nature, the pure consciousness and awareness, and we just Be.

You do not have to try and stop identifying with the body. It is there, but you are no longer living in the world, you are now expressing your true nature. You are the I AM, the all pervading consciousness and awareness that you are.

What is it that you are aware of? You are Peace, Love, Joy and Pure Awareness. You are the Oneness, the Eternal Consciousness.

There is no understanding because you are that understanding.

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