Circles of Humanity

Throughout time, humankind has evolved tremendously in terms of knowledge, consciousness, and technology. However, with these advancements, we have grown increasingly reliant on external tools, seemingly at the expense of our inner development. The Circle of Humanity, as described by Zadore, invites us to examine the path we've tread, our present state, and the potential trajectory of our journey.

    A look back into ancient civilizations reveals a picture of human communities marked by isolation and limited communication. Advancements and knowledge remained contained within specific regions, and sharing was primarily a survival strategy. In contrast, today's society seems interconnected on a scale never before imaginable, with technology enabling real-time global communication. Yet, paradoxically, we have never felt more isolated and disconnected.

    This raises an intriguing question: could our ancestors have been more connected despite their physical isolation? Despite limited interaction, these ancient civilizations managed to nurture and transmit higher knowledge, even though it was often restricted to a few enlightened individuals. Think of it like the Gospel, written by Jesus, but fully comprehended only by a few who had the necessary inner development to grasp its true meaning.

    Similarly, in places like Egypt, higher knowledge often found expression through symbols and glyphs, open to multiple interpretations. This knowledge was often misunderstood and applied in external manners. As societies evolved and the intellectual center developed, a deeper understanding of these symbols emerged, giving rise to structured learning systems that cultivated different levels of consciousness, forming the "circles of humanity".

    These circles represented different levels of human understanding. The outer circle encompassed the majority of people, whose intelligence and aptitude qualified certain individuals to join the priest caste. A multi-tiered educational system was put into place, progressively teaching survival skills, morals, ethics, and the spiritual concepts. The circles symbolized stages of learning and consciousness, and advancement to the next circle was earned, not given.

    Around 2,600 years ago, a shift occurred. Alongside the priest castes, communities emerged that prioritized spiritual development. These communities incorporated both genders, a divergence from the exclusively male priest castes. However, societal stratification persisted, with clear distinctions made between newcomers and elders.

    Fast forward to the present, we see a world driven by technology and materialism. The outer circle of humanity, as Zadore describes it, is dominated by a religion of science, often overshadowing spiritual or inner development. This, he suggests, has led to a society devoid of any inner connection with their true essence.

    In these conditions, Zadore asserts that the traditional methods of spiritual enlightenment may no longer suffice. Instead, he suggests a new way – an inward journey of self-transformation. It's a call to action for each individual to turn inwards and bring about a personal transformation that, in turn, transforms their perception of the world. The focus is on merging one's personality with their essence, thereby bringing about an inner illumination.

    Zadore's message is potent. He suggests we're at the brink of a significant transformation. The onus is on us to awaken our inner consciousness, to resist being puppets manipulated by external forces. If we continue on the current path of destruction, we risk our own extinction.

    As the world continues its journey around the circle of humanity, Zadore's teachings provide us a compass. They implore us to transcend our illusions of intellectual supremacy, and rekindle our connection with the eternal essence of being, beyond time and space. For, in the end, the progression of consciousness is the true journey of humanity. And the only way forward is inwards, towards the light of our inner being. This is the key to not only our survival but also our evolution towards higher levels of existence.


  • This message of going within, alone, is what separates these teachings from others.
    Each week of study one idea grabs me and it becomes a mantra, this week was,
    “Once you begin to ‘see’ everything in your environment from an inward perception- things will change.”
    Very encouraging post, thankyou.
    Love to all,

    Frances Coghlan
  • Thankyou for this great message I have learnt with lots of masterminding and listening to podcasts that quietening the mind is key to living! Believing in yourself is an amazing feeling and not absorbing the things that are not necessary! Love this blog.

    Anna Feleppa
  • Thank you for message certainly relate to going inwards to our own essence.
    Not easy but I find and it may help others to be in nature or our own garden listening to the birds etc. If forunate to live in a quiet area that helps to quiet the mind from its constant thoughts and go within.


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