Becoming (Two)

What world do you live in? How many worlds are there? That is what we should ask, or is my world unique?

One of the main things that humanity confuses is what is the difference between the world and the Earth and unfortunately, the world and the Earth are interchangeable and mix everything up.

The Earth is a planet and as such, it is a manifest object in the Universe. It shares in the universal consciousness that permeates the whole universe.

Our world has no objectivity and no consciousness and is only a thought concept linked to the ego mind and brain.

Our bodies are formed out of the Earth’s elements and receive limited consciousness due to its attachment to the ego creating a sense of separation, and although the ego identifies with the body it is not the body.

The body is an object of the earth and the ego is only a thought concept that constantly creates a world around the body, making us believe that the ego, mind and body reflect our true nature and self.

Why do we accept this illusional thought, and why do we create a world around our body’s consciousness, negating our earthly existence?

The reason is that we are unaware of our true being that consciously watches what we do and react in that world, which is a world of lies and deception.

Some of us feel that we are trapped in this world not knowing that it is due to the ego’s identification with the body and the illusion that it is a reality, and that is what traps us and makes us uncomfortable in our quiet moments.

Because we do not what the body is and why we are so attached to it, we are separated from the body’s source which is the Earth.

Instead, we continue to reinforce our determination to believe we can create our destiny, and in turn, we give reality to an illusion of sensual concepts we think are the core of our existence.

As such, I do not know your world, and you do not know my world or anyone else’s world, and in ignorance think we all share consciousness in the same world.

We confuse our thinking with that of being a body, which gives us the power to desire to do things.

However, we will never be a body because it belongs to the Sun and Earth and knows no world as such because the ego’s attachment blocks it from being what it is, which is serving the universal consciousness.

But, where do you fit in; not with the earth, but with the single thought that you exist, and you take charge of the body in order to externalize what you desire within the earth’s consciousness.

Your reality, which is the inner source of the core of your being in Light and Consciousness watches, like looking through a window at the ego-thought continually blocking your inner light from seeing the earth as an object in consciousness and all its nature as one being.

Where are you that is watching and waiting? You are the pure consciousness in which the body was formed, and due to the ego, the awareness of being pure consciousness has been blocked from manifesting through the body, that you now think is your body, and because of this overall illusion, you see a world around you and confuse your perception as being the same as what others perceive.

You are always watching and eventually, you will see all the lies and illusions for what they are and that can only become a reality when you realize they you are not a body because it is something that was formed within the pure consciousness in which all manifestation is reflected and not a mind that confuses everything around you as being your world.

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  • The thought creation moves around in front of me creating this limited ‘world’. Whereas i remain unlimited. I lose consciousness of myself being hooked into the movement. And then I see. The impulse of the thought structure is fearful and the fear has laced itself to my energy, through my awareness getting lost in it. How long can this go on i am not sure, but im not worried about it.


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