Becoming (Three)




We should often stop and think about why we are here in a body that seems to have no particular purpose other than being socially involved in the world, even though our community demands that we follow certain conditions and laws that are necessary for the ongoing survival of the race.

Many people see these laws as being a necessary imposition where we are protected from the violent acts of others.

This is not seen as being controlled but sometimes challenges our sovereign rights as individuals to determine and live by certain values that reflect our religious and moral values.

Constantly we talk about ‘life’ as if it was something that reflects the way we live in our world whether we are prosperous or live in poverty or on the street. We often ask ourselves why this community with all its laws and morals allows some of us to be so different and does this somehow reflect the meaning of life?

Basically, there is no difference between being a king or a pauper, for we all share the same condition of living and dying, only one appears to lose more than the other.

Actually, it all abounds around what is our concept of life. Mostly it revolves around the desire for wealth and material possessions because that results in the ability to lead a comfortable life, but that is still not a life free from pain, suffering, and insecurity.

Life can depend on forming ‘good’ relationships with those who think and act as we do. If that is so, obviously there is no real purpose to our lives, and the so-called laws and conditioning of society are only paper tigers that must be avoided.

We constantly desire to follow those pursuits that hopefully lead to self-satisfaction and gratification, believing that this represents freedom.

Often, we hear from the pulpit that Jesus said that only God is good, but if that was what Jesus meant, then all of us are either bad or evil.

I do not believe that, and I am sure that most of us would agree with that.

How often we have read comments by known authors who have written about men and women as being good in the way that they treat others? Many times. But does that refute what Jesus said about the meaning of good? Yes and no, for we have to decide whether what was done was for the overall good or not.

Of course, we should always look behind what was written and see what the motives of the writer were, for it is common that those who translate texts too often put their own thoughts and spin on what they are translating, and relative to the Gospels Jesus always had good relationships with those he taught.

So, do we possess goodness within ourselves? If so, how often do we express that goodness in our daily life? Have you ever reviewed your day and realized that you shared love with another and just how that relates to goodness, and at other times because of their actions we accuse them of being bad?

Is it, not ignorance and self-importance that makes us decide who is good or bad that relies on the concepts of duality? Or is there the perception that weakness stands between being good or bad, or that others act out of so-called spiritual values such as turning the other cheek to someone who is only a bully?

In a quiet moment do you ever ask yourself why you sometimes behave in a mean way lashing out at others because you feel intimidated and hurt? Do you ever feel remorse for your quick reaction, or do you justify your response by blaming it all on the other person?

We classify ourselves as being human beings but don’t act in a human way, even though we come from the same seed yet, as we age and mature our bodies and we still see others as a threat to our being. Although our body matures over the years, we still retain immature thoughts and emotions.

Being born out of the same race seed we are all planted in the soil of the Earth’s consciousness having the same potential for goodness and having a harmonious relationship with one another.


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