Becoming One

We are led to believe that a saviour will come in the future to lead us out of this world of violence, pain and suffering, into a state of freedom and joy. But, no matter what she or he teaches, we tend to disregard what they say unless they make some kind of miraculous demonstration, for nowadays it seems that words have little value.

Otherwise, what else would be our expectations could a saviour offer us in this grossly material world?

They could not rain down fire and brimstone on us or turn us into pillars of salt!

Maybe they would tell us to build large spaceships, a similar concept to Noah and his ark, and move us off to a temporary planet while all humans are left to suffer and become extinct. The catchphrase would be, “Come fly with me”.

So, pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and take them with you, and whatever you find in this new world you will have all the tools to continue what you started on the Earth.

Why do we have to accept all the lies and untruths as well as the negative concepts that rule our minds and thoughts?

Do you remember the first lie you experienced when you were a small child when your parents perpetuated the lie that there was a person who lived at the North Pole called Santa Claus, who made toys for all the children who were good, and on Christmas evening would transverse the world coming down chimneys or through the back door and fill our stockings with all kinds of goodies, and flew all around the world in a sledge powered by flying reindeers?

And that was the beginning of all the lies we have accepted in the ensuing years, following disappointment and distrust of all authorities.

However, they were only repeating the same lie that was also forced on them when they were young, and unfortunately, many of us have fallen into the same trap with our own children.

All these lies and false concepts develop from living in a world of dualities; good and evil; truth and lies; right and left and right; east and west; all of which create a world of contradictions in our minds and a world of fantasy.

How difficult it is to stop accepting what we have been told is real, when it is false, hiding us from what is the truth and reality.

Is it impossible to ask whether the concept of there being a personal god could also be a lie?

So, maybe it is time for us to become a question mark, similar to what we were as a small child where we always asked ‘why’, where all the answers led nowhere. Now, you can still ask why and there is no reason to accept anybody’s answers, but put your questions to yourself under the microscope of your mind.

Truth and understanding will only come when you stop accepting the answers to your questions from other sources, for then you will eventually find that the question itself contains the answer. Then you will see the truth and recognize all the lies you accept as concepts and attitudes.

This is how you will begin to awaken and be free from all the illusions and false concepts that are solely based on lies. Now you will live in peace and harmony in your newfound world.


  • Thank you Aida and Barbara for your comments. We do appreciate hearing from you. Yes it is difficult forgiving our parents for often for not being honest, but sometimes we have to see if we have not behaved in a similar way and if that is so then it is easier to forgive.
    Also many of have ghosted their siblings for their behaviour to them and unfortunately their world is none the better. So the way forward is let go and live in the eternal moment for that is living in the reality where the past no longer exists
    Love to you all.

  • So beautiful..i started reading ‘The Oracle to Freedom’ again after not reading it for over 5 years and i feel it changing my life for the better..i love Zadore and one light also reading ’ ‘Enter the Vortex as One Light’ again after 20 years

    Aida De'Ceglie
  • Brilliant above and puts all into perspective thank you.
    I am 77 and all these years was lied to by late parents not telling me the truth about my birth. Have had to work extremely hard to find forgiveness and acceptance and even now fall down on being forgiving. The hurt was terrific and taken the wonderful books by Jon Whistler and going into the Vortex most days to get centered and at peace with myself and everyone else, plus work with all the transmissions etc Barbara


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