Becoming (Four)


    We have read that we are born in a body from the seed of a parent and because of that we all have the potential to water and feed that seed so that the body will grow into something that is positive and complete our being human.

    This growth is to fully develop and produce the fruit of goodness by living it in our daily life and by that the fruit will ripen and we will share that fruit with those who may only produce a small amount of fruit, for their soil may have lacked those elements in consciousness to fully develop.

    We see this everywhere in Nature in everything that grows around us always producing food for all forms, but we never take the time to compare ourselves with all the other life on the Earth, for we restrict and limit our lives by being separate from all Nature, and by our own importance never producing any ripe fruit.

    Everyone has the full potential at the core of their seed that is programmed to become developed in consciousness, yet we remain ignorant of that innate power that we possess to grow and develop.

    We can look at nature and find the answers to what we are, but we never care to look, and then we continue to live in our self-importance.

    ‘I am okay because I have a good job and I am earning a good salary; I also have an expensive home, car, boat, and all I want. If I can do that, then what is wrong with everyone else’. But what they don’t tell us is just how much of it is theirs.

    So, what fruits does someone like that have? There is little ripe fruit there to pick and add to life.

    Would you pick unripe fruit from a tree by having to screw it around and around until it breaks off and damages the tree? Of course not, or maybe you would. When the fruit is ripe there is no effort and you just touch it and it falls into your hand, and that fruit can be eaten immediately with delicious enjoyment, whereas the unripened fruit remains hard and is indigestible. Are we like that?

    Locked away in our individuality we are closed and ignorant not knowing the life attributed to our form, and just like a tree planted in the wrong soil lacking nutrients, root bound and weak, we are unable to produce the fruits of love, joy and the respect of others, and like the tree that is pulled out of the ground, it is thrown into the fire. And will that happen to us? No, but they are thrown into the fire of ignorance.

    Even though we live in an imperfect body and mind we all have the chance to bear the good fruit of consciousness out of which love and joy emanate. This is only distorted by those individuals who believe that they are their body and that only by having a healthy body can they express their own tendencies to be important in the world.

    It is not that we have no idea of what perfection really is, but perfection does not exist in this world of manifestation, otherwise, if that were so the world would cease to exist. We live through a body in consciousness that is limited to a body. We should use that consciousness to enter into the awareness of perfection within.

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