Becoming (Five)

A Crack in the Illusion

The Absolute One is eternal and perfect because It has nothing above It, so how can anything living through a form or body attain any sense of perfection unless it is one in the Eternal Absolute?

What separates us as human beings is the thought that we exist apart from what is known as truth and goodness.

It is important for our understanding to realize that the very essence of consciousness within a human body has the potential to become one in the unity of the Self.

The I-AM is the pure consciousness that is our true existence that enters the womb with the seed following the sexual bonding of the prospective parents, so before the seed reaches the ovum, the pure consciousness is ever present. As the body develops in the womb the pure consciousness remains active even after the new body exits the womb and takes its first breath where the body consciousness becomes active in the world, however, the pure consciousness remains with the body until it passes away.

However, there is a separation between the pure consciousness and the body’s consciousness and this separation is caused by the presence of the ego and its thought of I am, and as the body continues to grow it is forced into the illusion by the ego’s increasing dominance.

Over the years the ego takes total control of the body’s mind and desires, believing that the I am ness is an individual personality.

That means unless the I-AM becomes awakened and is aware of the pure consciousness in which the body and its consciousness is enclosed we will remain in the illusion of the ego. The indwelling Light Essence becomes open to the body’s intellect and that produces the thought of there being something beyond the world of the ego and body, and this is the beginning of becoming.

Unless we are shocked in changing the way we think and behave in the world we will not realize the source of our freedom.

We do not have the power to initiate any such shocks because once we begin to focus on the light of Awareness the body’s consciousness will draw closer to the pure consciousness and the Self will gradually open our inner being to receive the fruit of our being.

As the awareness continues to open within our being we will reach that point where we begin to touch the Light and become aware of our true nature within the Self that is beyond our limited consciousness and awareness.

For some time we are not aware of what is happening within and we may feel lost and experiencing aridity within. This unknowing continues because we are still holding to the illusion that there is a God who created the body and the Universe and that God is the source of the consciousness within the body as a soul. This conditioned concept has prevented us from realizing our true nature within our Self, for all consciousness resides in the Self and not the other way around.

Once we are touched by the light through Essence then no matter what we do the Light Force once opened even if it is only shining through a crack in the illusion, then the desire to find what exists beyond our earthly existence never ceases and it draws the manifest consciousness inwards revealing the Truth and Light of the Self,

As such, we all have the potential to become free and live in the truth of our being and the Light of the Self.

In this way, everyone has the potential to reach the truth. The path is opening to reveal the way and experience the Eternal Absolute and the perfect Oneness.

But there is only one thing we need to know and that is there are no rewards at the end of the way, especially when the body dies. All so-called rewards will only be experienced while you are here living in a body because in the light there are no rewards only Oneness.

All this is the reason we are here experiencing life in the body, for unless we come to the realization that we have our consciousness within the Eternal Moment outside time and space we will have to continually recur until we become open to the Light of Awareness of what we are, for any kind of heaven exists within consciousness here and now and not in some dream of an afterlife.


  • Oh! but what a reward it would be to experience and live in a state of Oneness!!

    Frances Coghlan
  • So beautiful..i am seeing so clearly since practising The Oracle to Freedom’ again after many years. I am releasing the Ego ..shock.. brought me to my knees i had to change.,🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜🤗🤗🤗

    Aida De'Ceglie

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