Awakening from Sensory Dominance


    In our journey towards inner transformation, a crucial concept from Zadore's transmissions is the interplay between our sensual being and the higher consciousness of Self. This dynamic illustrates the profound struggle and opportunity within human nature, as we seek to evolve beyond the confines of our immediate, sensory experiences to a more profound state of being.

    The transmissions describe our Personality as being formed from the consciousness that fills our Outer Centers. These centers reflect our sensual being, which is predominantly focused on serving the passions and vanities of the world. In this state, we are primarily guided by our senses, lacking awareness or existence of an inner state of consciousness of Essence. This limitation is significant; as beings operating at this lower level of consciousness, we are often unaware of the possibilities that exist beyond the sensory realm.

    The transformation of this sensual nature into something higher – what is called "good" – is a transformative process brought about by the flow of higher wisdom from Self into our lower level of consciousness. This flow is the catalyst for change, enabling us to transcend our initial state and align more closely with the higher consciousness of Self. However, this transformation is neither quick nor easy. It is a slow and gradual process, requiring patience, persistence, and often without any direct assistance from the higher level.

    This evolution in consciousness represents a significant shift from being driven by immediate sensory desires to embodying a state of being that is attuned to the deeper, more meaningful aspects of existence. It is a journey from the external to the internal, from the material to the spiritual, from the ephemeral to the eternal.

    To navigate this path, one must first acknowledge the dominance of the sensual being and then actively seek to connect with the higher consciousness of Self. This involves a deliberate effort to tune into the inner wisdom and guidance that flows from our deeper essence. As we gradually attune to this higher wisdom, our consciousness expands, allowing us to perceive and experience life in a more profound and fulfilling way.

    The transformative journey is one of being controlled by our outer, sensual nature to embracing the higher consciousness of Self. This path is about transcending the limitations of our sensory experiences and awakening to a deeper, more meaningful state of being that is aligned with the eternal wisdom of the Universe.



  • Thank you for this profound piece of writing! Beautiful.

    One thought that comes to mind is that as we follow a spiritual path towards the inner self we can often bypass the recognition of the need for deep psychological inner work to transform and transcend. Which takes much dedication and hard work.

    For me spirituality and psychology need to go hand in hand as part of this journey. That has been my experience anyway.

  • Beautiful, wonderful. Thank you.


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