Accepting and allowing

Daily we are assailed with events and thoughts that cause problems in our relationship with others, both on an emotional and mental level.

Negative emotions are the greatest thing that imposes on our inner wellbeing causing distraction to feeling whole and peaceful. This negative state is mainly caused by the conditioning, lies and false concepts in the world.

It is this way because of our illusion bound personality. We make everything “personal” and so we become emotionally disturbed. Our personality wants to be in control and always be successful in the eyes of others. This is the conditioning we’ve grown up with. We cannot find real solutions and happiness in the illusion but yet we immerse ourselves in it and we hope to find solutions within the illusion.

No matter the events in our lives, do not allow your personality to become so involved. Learn to accept and allow those things in your life that you cannot control. By doing so, they will become less important and it will allow you to keep a clearer and leveled mind.

By accepting, you will feel and know what to do - if anything is needed. You’ll flounder less in the illusion and your Light will be able to guide you with wisdom and patience.


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