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I want to take this opportunity to thank all those readers of our blog who made such positive comments on the March 3 Blog “Where Are You”.

I want to discuss here how this blog was developed and its purpose for all our readers. The Light Pulsations Blog does not follow the rules of normal blogs which have their content based on a personality who wants to increase their ‘followers’.

The VOLAH blog does not promote any particular personality and can be seen as a community blog where people who have studied Zadore’s Transmissions or seeking a greater understanding of the inner life can communicate with others of like mind.

The VOLAH comprises everyone who supports the teachings of Zadore and Jon Whistler and are called “Trustees”, in the sense that they hold within their consciousness the truth of the Transmissions principles and live those principles daily.

No one is appointed to be a Trustee of VOLAH because there is no one but themselves who can make that appointment.

This blog is monitored by those called Emissaries of VOLAH in that they are responsible for the ongoing dissemination of the teachings. An emissary is one who carries the message and are the messengers.

As I have said here that a Trustee is not appointed by anyone but themselves, so too the same applies to an Emissary who works freely to give out the message of the Light of the VOLAH, whether it be a blog, publication, or website moderation, they are all emissaries.

We appreciate all the comments that our Trustees make that reflect their inner development and understanding, for they are the backbone of the VOLAH.

All trustees who work in silence or demonstrate the need to share that understanding with others will become emissaries when they desire to express their understanding for others by writing a blog post.

What I am saying is that everyone who wants to express their understanding of what they have experienced from the Transmissions is welcome to write a blog.

All you have to do is submit it to Dennis whose email is on our contact form on the website, and it will be appraised and published or returned with any suggestions relative to the content.

In this way, you can develop a relationship with the teachings and help all of us to reach a greater level of understanding within.


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